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Hands On! Partnership

Our new partnership with Hands On! Discovery Center

A new interactive airport component, sponsored by the TCAA, has been added to the Draw Alive exhibit at Hands On! Discovery Center. Draw Alive is a dynamic and interactive exhibit that combines art with technology bringing two-dimensional drawings to life. The new personalized experience begins when a guest chooses a flight-themed template to design and colorize. Options include airplanes, helicopters, and a hot air balloon. The colored image is then scanned into a wall-sized environment. Guests watch as their unique creations take flight and move about the sky in the digital environment.

TRI x Hands On! Discovery Center

Draw Alive Aviation Exhibit

The Draw Alive exhibit is located in the Scheu Family Exhibit Hall in the General Shale Brick Learning Center at Hands On! Discovery Center. Please visit for information regarding hours, special schedule, and health and safety precautions.

Interactive Aviation Science with Hands On!

We are proud to announce the installation of an exciting new exhibit that allows visitors and passengers to explore the science of aviation. The exhibit, which focuses on the physics of lift, is a hands-on experience allowing users to test and understand how airplanes stay in the air. The Take Flight exhibit was created in partnership with the HandsOn! Museum and is a testament to the airport’s commitment to providing a positive experience for all passengers, while also educating guests on the fascinating world of aviation.

This exhibit, made possible by the Louis H. Gump family, allows passengers of all ages to engage with the hands-on, educational experience and explore the mechanics of flight while planes take off and land at the airport. The exhibit is open to the public and is located in the terminal building near the airport service desk. The Tri-Cities Airport invites everyone to come and experience this exciting new addition.

Aviation Science

John Krekelberg | Director of Technical Experiences at Hands On!